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Forget-me-not nannies Terms & Conditions

Leigh Rogers

Trading as Forget-me-not nannies Nanny Agency

The following terms and conditions of business are between Forget-me-not nannies (the agency) and the employer (the client).

  1. 1.Definitions

    Agency means Forget-me-not nannies.

    Applicants/Candidates means an individual wishing to provide childcare services to a potential employer

    Client means any person seeking introductions of applicants to provide childcare services

    Childcare Services means full/part time or temporary/permanent services of a candidate. All services provided by the agency are subject to these terms and conditions.

    Offer of employment means the engagement, employment or use of an applicant introduced by the agency.

    Introduction means the passing of applicant details to the client via email, phone or post or the interviewing of a candidate from the agency.

  2. 2.An offer of employment will be deemed acceptance of Forget-me-not nannies Terms & Conditions. By interviewing a candidate introduced by Forget-me-not nannies, the client is deemed to accept these terms and conditions and the agencies scale of fees.

    2.1The client agrees to sign and return an 'Agreement to Forget-me-not nannies' terms and conditions' form BEFORE any interviews with suitable nannies take place.

  3. 3.Notification and Fees

    3.1The client agrees to notify the agency immediately of an offer of employment made to an applicant. Forget-me-not nannies endeavour to only put forward suitable candidates but the client must decide suitability prior to making a job offer to a candidate introduced by the agency.

    3.2Fees are payable (by the client) when a job offer, made by the client, is accepted by a candidate, either verbally or in writing. Fees will be calculated using the following scale:

    Permanent Nanny/Mother's help/Nanny-Housekeeper

    5 days a week £850

    4 days a week £800

    3 days a week £650

    1 or 2 days a week £450

    Temporary Nanny/Mother's help/Nanny-Housekeeper

    1 day placement £30

    2 day placement £45

    3-5 day placement £65

    Per day after 5 days £10

    Any placement over a 3 month period will be classed as permanent and billed accordingly

    Maternity Nurse

    £60.00 per week*

    (*regardless of number of days or hours worked)

    Night Nanny

    £30.00 per night

    3.3Fees will become payable upon an offer of employment to an applicant and must be paid either BEFORE the nanny commences their employment or within 10 days of the invoice date, whichever comes first. If fees are not paid in full BEFORE the nanny starts, this will invalidate the client's refund policy and may also affect the nanny's employment with the client.

    3.4The Agency reserves the right to charge the client a 25% surcharge on invoices not settled within this period (see above) and, in addition, charge to re-claim any costs (including court fees) incurred as a result of retrieving an outstanding payment.

    3.5Any placement exceeding three calendar months will be considered permanent and billed accordingly.

    3.6In the case of a nanny share, the fee will be split between the clients with each parent paying a percentage according to the number of days worked with each family.

    3.7In the event of a temporary nanny being offered permanent employment, an extra fee will be due. This will be calculated by taking the fee already paid away from the fee which would have been payable if the nanny had been employed as permanent. The client agrees to notify the agency of such changes.

    3.8In the event of the candidate's hours being increased, the client agrees to pay the additional fee in accordance with the scale of fees above.

    3.9The client agrees to notify the agency of any employment offered to a candidate introduced for the use of babysitting services and pay the appropriate fee based on the agency's scale of fees above.

  4. 4.Refund Policy

    4.1The agency endeavours to ensure applicants are suitable for clients and meet their individual needs. Unfortunately, on the odd occasion, a placement may not work out as hoped.

    4.2If the candidate fails to commence work, a full refund will be given minus a £75 administration charge.

    4.3In the event of the termination of employment within 6 weeks of the date commenced, and with compliance to section 4.5 of this agreement, the agency will be given 2 weeks to find a suitable replacement. If the client seeks a replacement through another means in these two weeks, the agency's refund policy will be invalid.

    4.4Failure of the agency finding a suitable candidate and compliance with the terms in section 4.5 of this agreement, will result in a refund (excluding a £75 administration fee) calculated on the following scale:

    1 week 75%

    2 weeks 60%

    3 weeks 50%

    4 weeks 40%

    5 weeks 25%

    6 weeks 15%

    4.5To qualify for the agency's replacement/refund policy, the client must have…

    Signed and returned a completed 'Agreement to Forget-me-not nannies terms and conditions' form.

    Paid the agency fee in full either BEFORE the nanny commenced employment or within 10 days of the invoice date, whichever came first.

    Not changed the candidates job description, contract or place of work from the original agreed copy and not made any unreasonable demands of the candidate.

    Not mistreated the candidate or discriminated against them in any way

    Informed the agency in writing of the termination within 7 days.

    4.6In the event of a client cancelling an engagement (where a candidate has been offered and accepted employment) or the client changes their mind before commencement, then the full agency fee is payable. The invoice is payable even if no employment contracts have been signed between the candidate and the client. If the engagement is cancelled within two weeks before the candidate is due to commence, then the client shall in addition pay the candidate a cancellation fee of one week's agreed salary for a permanent position.

    4.7In the case where a client cancels the engagement before commencement, no refund is payable for invoices already paid.

  5. 5.Confidentiality

    5.1The agency works in accordance to the guidelines set out by the Data Protection Act 1998.

    5.2All details given to the agency will be kept strictly confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of finding a suitable applicant for a client and vice versa. See ourPrivacy Policy for more details.

    5.3Candidates' information which is passed onto clients for interview must be kept confidential. If any candidates' information is passed onto another body, resulting in the employment of that candidate, the appropriate fee will be charged to the client.

    5.4Only general job details will be advertised by the agency; children's names, surnames, schools and addresses will never be advertised.

    5.5In the event of a candidate being introduced to the client, who is already know by them, it is the client's responsibility to inform the agency of this before any interviews are arranged otherwise engagement of this candidate will result in the appropriate fee being charged.

  6. 6.Liability and recommendations

    6.1The agency is an introductory agency only and therefore accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or personal injury resulting from an introduction made by us.

    6.2The client is recommended to check certificates or qualifications and training courses, CRB disclosures and references upon interview.

    6.3The agency relies on information provided by the candidate and whilst every care is taken in verification, the agency does not accept any responsibility for its accuracy.

    6.4The client understands that the choice and employment of a nanny is their responsibility and that although the agency has references provided by the candidate they advise that the client should verify references themselves.

    6.5The client is responsible for issuing the applicant with an employment contract, wage slips and paying the Tax and National Insurance Contributions on the applicant's behalf. The agency does not operate a payroll system.

    6.6The client is advised to purchase employers liability insurance to ensure cover in the event of an applicant harming themselves whilst in their household.

    6.7The agency does not employ the applicants. The employer will be employing any accepted applicants directly.

  7. 7.These terms and conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales.