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Leigh was friendly and efficient, she supported me through my interviews and I know she is on hand if I have any questions. I am very glad I got in touch and I am now in a job I enjoy.
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Nanny salaries

A nanny's salary is dependent on their qualifications, experience and the number of hours worked each week. The suggested weekly/hourly rates below are net, meaning they would be your take home rates (i.e. amount received after tax and national insurance deductions). Families will most likely want to agree a gross wage with you to add to the contract, this usually calculates to the below net rates if you are only working for one family. Please check with a payroll company like Nannytax to help you calculate the gross and net rates when working for more than one family. Once registered with Forget-me-not nannies, we aim to find you a job which pays your preferred rate. Generally, the more qualifications and experience you have, the higher your weekly/hourly rate.

Full and part time live out Nannies / Nanny-housekeepers / Mother's Helps

£8 to £10 per hour

Live in Nannies / Nanny-housekeepers / Mother's Helps

£6 to £8 per hour

Maternity Nurses

£350 to £500 per week


£8 per hour*

£8.50 per hour after Midnight

*£10 per hour on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve

For more information on babysitting for Forget-me-not nannies, please see Information for Babysitters.