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Childcare options

There are a great deal of childcare options to suit your needs. Here is a list including brief descriptions of possible options to aid in your decisions. When considering your requirements ensure to look into the benefits and flaws of each option to ensure you find the perfect option for your family. We can help and advise you in your decisions and then help you to find a suitable candidate. Forget-me-not nannies will support you every step of the way.

Permanent Nannies

Forget-me-not nannies' nannies are professional, thoroughly screened and experienced with the commitment and skills to provide, a safe, loving and stimulating environment for your child.

The role of a nanny

A Nanny is responsible for feeding, washing, clothing, educating and stimulating children. A Nanny should also plan activities that enhance learning and development. Nannies are not responsible for general housework or chores, although they should clear up anything related to the children.

Nanny hours

Nanny hours can be whatever you need them to be. A full day to care for the children while you are at work or a part day to fit around nursery/your part time job, even before and after school hours to fit around the school day and full time hours during the school holidays. A full nanny day can be anywhere from 8 hours to 14 hours. Part time hours can be anywhere from 2 to 6 hours but a higher hourly rate would generally be required for 4 hours or less to make the day worthwhile for the nanny. It is important to bear in mind that before and after school jobs can take longer to fill compared to full time nanny jobs. It may be worth considering hiring a nanny who brings their own child to work with them. These nannies are usually extremely experienced and/or qualified and are usually more willing to work part time hours. Nannies can also live in or live out or can even be shared between families.

Cost considerations

A full time Nanny's average hourly wage is £8-10 per hour net. This rate would be similar for part time hours but an average hourly rate of £10 net would generally be required for 4 hours or less. A live in nanny generally will cost you less as you will be providing board and meals for them. A nanny shared between families (usually easier with similar aged children) could reduce your costs by half. As the Nanny's employer, you are responsible for payment of their tax and national insurance contributions in addition to the net amount of their wages. Please use Nannytax's tax calculator to help calculate these figures.

Benefits of employing a nanny

There are many benefits when employing a Nanny. Along with the flexibility and bond your child will build with their Nanny, perhaps the most significant benefit is knowing that your child will feel secure in their own environment and that they are being given one to one specialist attention. You will also have far more control over the development of your child than if they were at Nursery as you will be able to direct and manage your Nanny as required. A good Nanny will also feedback to you on a regular basis about special moments and developmental issues and can easily maintain a diary of these events for you. A live in nanny can reduce your expenses and become more like a family member, however, some families may find this a little too intense.

Mother's Help

A Mother's Help will either hold a childcare qualification or have a minimum of 1 years childcare experience. They are sometimes also experienced nannies.

The role of the Mother's Help

Mother's Helps are employed to help look after your children with you by sharing their care. They can undertake light household duties and work closely under your supervision. Essentially they are an extra pair of hands for you and can play an essential role in taking the pressure off you and providing you with more time to enjoy your family life. A Mother's help is particularly useful when Mothers are recovering from childbirth and can provide care for other siblings while your newborn develops.

Mother's help hours

A Mother's help's hours can be whatever you need them to be. Anywhere between 2 and 14 hours per day.

Cost Considerations

Mother's Helps are usually paid a lower salary as they play a supporting role and usually have less experience and fewer childcare skills. However the more experienced Mother's help's require up to £10 net an hour. As the employer, you are responsible for their tax and national insurance contributions in addition to the net amount they take home. Please use Nannytax's tax calculator to help calculate these figures.

Benefits of employing a Mother's Help

If a parent is at home and needs some extra help, a Mother's Help is a perfect solution that offers flexibility as you can choose the days and hours required. As many Mother's Helps are often training to work within childcare, they will have a dedicated interest in helping you to care for your children. They can also be a really cost effective solution to childcare when sole charge care is not the most important factor.

Maternity Nurses/Night Nannies

Forget-me-not nannies' Maternity staff are qualified and experienced and are greatly beneficial, especially for first time mothers. Our Maternity Nurses/Night Nannies are dedicated to giving help and advice to a mother during the first few weeks following the birth of a new baby.

Maternity Nurse/Night Nanny's hours

A Maternity Nurse/Night Nannies will give as little or as much 'hands on' help that you need. Many Maternity Nurses offer 24 hour live-in help, and will be happy to take over some night-time feeds, giving parents a well deserved rest.

Cost considerations when employing a Maternity Nurse/Night Nanny

As Maternity Nurse/Night Nanny's hours are usually long, and/or overnight and they are only temporarily living-in, their wages are higher, usually averaging at £350-500 net per week. As the employer of your Maternity Nurse/Nanny, you are responsible for their tax and national insurance contributions in addition to the net amount they take home. Please use Nannytax's tax calculator to help calculate these figures. Some Maternity Nurse/Nanny’s working short periods for various families are self-employed.

Benefits of employing a Maternity Nurse/Night Nanny

Maternity Nurses/Night Nannies' are ideal for first time parents, as they are able to help establish a routine with feeding and sleeping, and generally offering gentle guidance at a very special, but often daunting time.

Temporary Nanny

Temporary nannies come with the same experience/ hours/ pay/ cost considerations and benefits as a permanent nanny, but are employed for shorter periods of time.

Additional benefits of employing a Temporary Nanny

Temporary nannies can be very useful in times of need! They can help when parents are injured or bedridden, they can cover your current nanny's maternity leave or just help out as and when you require them. Please bear in mind that you may not always be able to hire the same temporary nanny as their situation may change and they may not be available on an ad-hoc basis.


A Nanny-Housekeeper will generally have the same qualifications and experience as a nanny as this position is usually sole charge.

The role of the Nanny-Housekeeper

A Nanny-Housekeeper combines the duties of looking after the children and housekeeping. When children are at nursery or school they can undertake duties, such as the laundry, cooking, housework and shopping. Please bear in mind that a Nanny-Housekeepers' sole focus will be the children when they are home (for example during school holidays).

Nanny-Housekeeper's hours

Generally, a Nanny-Housekeeper will be expected to work a five-day week from Monday to Friday, 8/14 hours a day, and live-in Nannies-Housekeepers will also baby-sit up to twice a week on weekdays.

Costs considerations

Nanny-Housekeeper’s expect the same wage as a permanent nanny, £8-10 net an hour. If they live-in, the expected rate is usually £6-8 net an hour. As the Nanny-Housekeeper's employer, you are responsible for payment of their tax and national insurance contributions in addition to the net amount of their wages. Please use Nannytax's tax calculator to help calculate these figures.

Benefits of employing a housekeeper

Nanny-Housekeepers can literally take care of everything in terms of running your household while you work. This releases free time in the evenings and weekends for you to spend with your children.


All our babysitters are already registered with us as nannies which ensures they are both experienced and professional. They also have DBS (CRB) disclosures, paediatric first aid certificates and childcare references. Where possible, we like families to meet with our babysitters before bookings so the children and parents know them first.

The role of the babysitter

The babysitter will look after the family's children while the parents are away from home in the evening. They will use their childcare experience to entertain and engage with the children. The babysitter will be responsible for following through with the family's bedtime routine. They will ensure that the children are safe and settled for the evening. Depending on the ages of the children, the babysitter can also bottle feed or change nappies where necessary and will always check on the children, no matter what their age, every 20 minutes.

Babysitter's hours

Forget-me-not nannies only accept bookings of a minimum of 3 hours. Babysitters can babysit from late afternoon (6pm) until the early hours of the morning. We do ask that families let us know approx length of sit when making their bookings.

Cost considerations

Our babysitters work at an hourly rate of £7 per hour. The rate is increased to £8 per hour after Midnight. If you would like to meet the babysitter another day before your booked sit, an additional £5 should be added to the total pay for that booking to cover their time coming to meet you. On Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve the rate is £10 per hour. We only charge a £5 fee for every booking made. An additional £2 is charged if we organised for the babysitter to come and meet you before your booked sit.

Benefits of employing a babysitter

Not only do our babysitters give you a chance to socialise outside of the house, they also put you at ease whilst you are enjoying yourself. As all our babysitters have childcare experience, enhanced DBS (CRB) disclosures and paediatric first aid training you can be rest assured that your children are in safe hands when you go out for the evening.

For more information on our babysitting service, including rates, how to book, fees and our terms and conditions, please see Babysitting Information for Families.