Forget me not

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Leigh was efficient and professional; the nanny she placed with us has been a great success. I have recommended Forget-me-not nannies to several friends.
MRS B Horsell

Agency Fees

Forget-me-not nannies will invoice you on an accepted offer of employment to one of our nannies. Payment is required either before the nanny commences employment or within 10 days of the invoice date, whichever comes first, otherwise your refund policy may become invalid. No charge is made when no suitable nanny is found. There are also no registration or advertising fees to pay.

Permanent Nanny/Mother's help/Nanny-Housekeeper

  • 5 days a week £850
  • 4 days a week £800
  • 3 days a week £650
  • 1 or 2 days a week £450

Temporary Nanny/Mother's help/Nanny-Housekeeper

  • 1 day placement £30
  • 2 day placement £45
  • 3-5 day placement £65
  • Per day after 5 days £10

Any placement over a 3 month period will be classed as permanent and billed accordingly

Maternity Nurse

£60 per week*

(*regardless of number of days or hours worked)

Night nanny

£30 per night


£5 per booking

An additional £2 if we arranged for you to meet the babysitter beforehand

Please note: Forget-me-not nannies do not charge VAT