Forget me not

You always put your children first - and so do we

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Thank you Forget-me-not nannies for the peace of mind you have helped us find in filling the gap in our childcare needs. I would highly recommend your services.

Why choose us?

  • Personal one to one service
  • Years of nannying experience to aid our nanny to family matching
  • Put forward only candidates who we have met and vetted personally and feel are suited to your role
  • Advice for good interview techniques
  • Guidance and advice every step of the way
  • Follow ups ensure you are pleased and stay happy with your nanny
  • Free email welcome packs to help you when interviewing and in the first few months. These include: interview questions, sample contracts, information on national insurance, tax contributions and other important information, recommended companies, copy of our fees and our terms and conditions
  • 1 % of all our agency fees is donated to Save the Children

The Process

We are available to meet our families personally or they can register over the phone, email or online via our Family Registration Form. During this process we get to know their needs and understand their childcare requirements, to aid our matching of nannies to families.

Once we have gained the requirements of our families, we then check our registered nannies database and contact you with the details of possible candidates who we think will be suited to your role.

We also begin to advertise for you, free of charge, to generate some more interest in the position. We begin interviewing these applicants and, if suitable, contact you with their details.

We will then arrange for the nannies you would like to meet to come to an interview with you.

We will contact you and the interviewed nannies straight after interviews for feedback and hopefully you will want to make a job offer.

We will liaise with you and your chosen nanny throughout the whole process, giving advice and guidance along the way. We provide help with how to officially employ a nanny and drawing up contracts (also see Essential information when employing a nanny).

We will contact you and your nanny within the first week of your nanny's employment to ensure everybody is happy and will keep in touch with you, always being available for further advice and services.